A jacket for life*

By highlighting the versatility of already exsistent materials we question the need for the new. The jacket for life creates functional outerwear from common waste.

Fashion & Sustainability Design

Pompey Till’ I Die

Reflecting Portsmouth’s sense of humour
to celebrate a city that has manifested from
decades of collective struggle but has still
come out laughing.

Exhibition & Social Design


work in progress

Giving people who live in urban environments the equipment and knowledge to connect with the natural world.

Brand & Campaign Design

Chalk & Cheese

work in progress

Visualise class divides in the UK through designing two typefaces, that represent and draw reference from upbringings and class differences.

Type & Publication Design

Falmouth Native Oysters

Reconnect people to the food they consume through establishing a stronger link between the end destination and source of the ingredients.

Brand & Packaging Design


An interactive report addressing the real time effects of inner city air quality.

Type & Editorial Design