Pompey Till’ I Die

Growing up I never thought much further than my 4x4 mile island P01 to P05. I have an accent and identity moulded by where I’m from. After years of knuckle sarnies and pickled cockles, I’ve been fortunate enough to have landed the doors of Falmouth University. Through my time here I’ve seen how people from places just like Portsmouth are too often misunderstood and misrepresented. Through chatting to sailors, shantin’ with hooligans and ringing up pensioners I’ve pinned down what it truly means to be Pompey. Celebrating the islands unique personality through print, textile, and object, but in true Portsmouth style, do it by taking
the mickey.
   The exhibition is curated under the theory of the ‘7 pillars of society’; church & religion, government, business & economy, education, science & technology, sports, arts & culture, and family & relationships. I used these pillars to celebrate a city that has manifested from decades of collective struggle but has still come out laughing.

Church & Religion
Business & Economy
Sports, Arts & Culture
Family & Relationships
Science & Technology

The exhibition:

The 7 pillars of Pompey: